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We offer you the cheapest rates with premium voice quality to many destinations worldwide.

Call home and avoid high cost mobile calls to International destinations.


How it works

We created a call through system which is easy for everyone!

DialCyprus offers callback, DID, AVR, and a local number in many destinations worldwide. You Can create Virtual numbers or VOIP accounts and connect to our network to make cheap calls. You can visit and rent servers to run your own VOIP or call centre

Why not take advantage of our low cost call rates to international destinations from your home, office, or mobile phone. Get a local or international number in Cyprus and perform your business locally. Call UK from a UK number directly from Cyprus and enjoy local dialing rates. Same occurs for many other destinations. You have two options, pay as you go or pay monthly. There are no hidden charges. Forward calls to your mobile and receive calls while travelling at very low rates. Take advantage of this service today.

Local Number

Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos
It is true. We can offer you local numbers from any of the destinations listed above. If you reside in Nicosia we can install a local number from Limassol.

Choose A Number

International Destinations
All European, Russian, China, Hong Kong, Some Middle Eastern number can be installed locally in any destination in Cyprus. Only prerequisite is to have internet at premisses.

Worldwide Presence

Call clients locally.

Choose a destination from our list then call your clients locally and save 70 - 200% of what local providers charge. This added service would portray a professional image of your business and location.

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